Global food crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

"Mom, what are we going to eat today?"

"I don't know, see when you come back. Maybe we've got some food?"

There are many people who say this word, maybe daily or every hour, and this is all because of the lack of food and because of their hunger. Therefore, we must prevent this from happening and start solving this problem. If it is a food crisis, it is a problem of lack of food in most countries, and it is the cause of many starving dead. So what are the causes of this crisis: Prepare the excess food. Everyone must preserve or give the remaining food For the poor so that they can satisfy their hunger, as well as the extinction of a group of animals that used to fill something of the people’s needs, as well as the population density that led to urban sprawl and the lack of sufficient spaces to grow plants.
So what are the solutions to this problem? Secondly, conduct awareness seminars for citizens. Thirdly, implement strict laws in order to throw food away.

Me: First, I must educate my neighbours about the dangers of this crisis, then a food box must be established in which food and donations are collected. I have to put the remaining food in the refrigerator in order to eat it on another day and not to throw it. We can also invent machines that will help solve this problem, such as a plane that spreads seeds. Given that global warming has greatly affected plants, we must solve the problem of climate change, which will solve the problem of the food crisis.