Global Food Crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Hello today we have a very serious topic to talk about.We are going to be looking at the Global Food Crisis.When you hear this you will probaly think that there isn't enough food,but you would be wrong.This major issue is about people wasting food,which is a waste of money.People around the world waste food everyday.They will throw away a full plate of food,even a feist. People waste about $1 trillion worth of food.That's just not right.


We are going to be looking at some perspecrives from teo people.One shows expeirience,and the other shows facts.

Perspective 1:"The issue is the global food crisis.It is important asswell because over 828 million people are goign to sleep hungry.Most of these people are living in the street,as if they weren't suffering enough people treet them like animals,but they are just people."

Perspective 2:"I live in a very poor area.I see people everywhere just begging for food,and sleeping on the streets.I hate to see these people,it brings me so much pain.To make it even worse I see these kids at school.I have freinds who are like this,and its just so hurtful.The school is being so kind and provides school food,and coupons for these poor kids. How they live just isn't fair.


Most people have a different oulook on this,so let me share mine.I just don't think it's fair.You see people just throw food and waste it.I thunk that it is so unfair,plus people do it infront of homeless people.I think people should start speaking up.People need to protest and speak out against this.Even without all of that why would you do it?If someone buys you food your just goona throw away the food,and waste money?If someone cooks for you you going to throw it away?You need to stand up and be the better person.Stop wasting food,or money,don't waste anything!