Global Food Crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


For me, I think that the global food crisis is a very big problem that is expanding all over the world and there must be away to solve this issue.

I my view, climate change is one of the factors causing food insecurity in the world, so we need to address this issue by reducing the carbon emissions into the atmosphere, for example, we must learn how to maintain our cars properly, stop cutting down of trees indiscriminately etc.

We also need to revive and enhance the various types of food storage and preservation methods, so that we can store enough food and deal with post-harvest losses of farm produce.

We must learn how to cooperate with each other and learn to reduce human activities that have great impact on the environment.

If we continue to follow all the solutions, we will never go hungry again so I think we should make an effort to build peace all over the world and reduce global food crisis now.