Global Food Crisis (Problems and Solutions)

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I will be talking about the topic of the Global food crisis and how it is important to talk about it to me . My opinion about the Global food crisis is that it is a problem because a lot of people waste food instead of giving it to people in need.There are many causes of global food crisis for example war or conflict,and climate change.It is important to talk about global food crisis because by talking about it we can inspire people to do the same and help people in need of food.

Many people have been affected by global food. People have been affected by global food crisis by if war because food sources can be damaged or lost.It is also more difficult for countries to trade,which means some countries might run out of certain foods causing the price of food to rise. An example of this is when Russia started a war with Ukranie it became difficult for Ukranie to transport grains to other countries. They are affected by climate change because it is causing extreme weather like floods ,heatwaves,storms, and droughts.This also means that more and more food is lost. An example for climate change is that in 2021 India lost over 5 million hectareas of crops to extreme weather. One perspective of this topic is that there are too many people that go many days or more without food and end up dying from starvation,diseases and more.

My opinion about this topic states that Global food crisis is a problem because a lot of people waste food instead of giving it to people in need and that there is a solution. According to it said that '' Food. We all need it, and many of us are lucky enough to access the wide range of products found in supermarkets. However, our relationship with food waste is often one of out of sight and out of mind. This relationship is causing problems on a global scale, and this issue needs to addressing sooner rather than later." Some solutions of Global food crisis is pickling, drying, canning, fermenting, freezing and curing to make food last longer. Also based on you can do to reduce our nation’s level of food waste is to reduce your own personal food waste are to 1) Value Food: Too Good to Waste challenge. In this 6-week program, you’ll keep track of how much food you throw away and why. This helps you determine both what you’re wasting and what you can do about it. Solutions range from planning meals ahead of time to creating new cooking and food storage habits to technology solutions, such as food-sharing apps.