Global Food Crisis, Should We Solve It?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Global Food Crisis is my topic. This topic is important to me because Global Food Crisis mean that the food around the world is in danger. Food is important for not just for me, but for every living thing on Earth. Climate change can distrupt food availability, reduce access to food, and affect food quality. I think that this topic shouldn't be overlooked. I say this because people everyday suffer for not having food. Soon if people with food leave it to be wasted, it'll be more than just homeless people asking for food. Soon enough to be the whole world. But if we do give food away, good food, what will there be for us? If we give food, we'll have less food for ourselves. Even if we give food to other people, there will be no difference in what the world will have left.