In your opinion, what are the consequences of this crisis?!

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


My topic is the global food crisis / as we know it is a problem facing most countries of the world, which is that food is not sufficient for the needs of the country's population, and perhaps the lack of this food, yes, there are several reasons, including /
This country being too poor to be able to provide enough food for its population
To solve this problem, the rich countries should leave their selfishness a little bit and provide the poor countries with some needs in terms of financial support or support with food resources.
Also, for these poor countries to start increasing their food resources (agriculture), they will reduce poverty or food crisis
Education also has a role to play in solving this problem. Education is a weapon that saves all life's problems. It is a weapon against famine and poverty. Governments must also provide for all the needs of their population.
To maintain food safety
As I said in solutions,1- That countries practice agriculture and work to intensify this agriculture (agriculture must be intensified and attention to climate change)
2- Countries shall preserve their agricultural lands and food resources
Starvation and lack of adequate food is harmful to human health, including:
1- He becomes very thin
2- Iron deficiency causes (anemia).
3-lack of vitamins needed by the body.
The increase in famine and the increase in this crisis and its non-stop will cause
1- Migration of most of its population
2- Dying when they are unable to migrate, they will have no choice but to stay and starve to death. 3- The spread of crimes and killings to obtain food.
In my opinion, this crisis must be resolved as soon as possible, because it is the result of this problem, and its consequences are very dire.
My question is (in your opinion, what are the results of this crisis)?