Is The Global Food Crisis A Dangerous Problem?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Is Global food scarcity a bad thing?

Yes, Global food shortage is a serious topic. This topic is serious because many animals are dying in Africa which means less food for people to eat, which also means many people will die of hunger. This topic is mainly about the animals and cows that are dying which is creating a global food shortage, that also means the people that own a farm will have fewer ways of getting food and products to trade and sell to stores. In conclusion, the global food shortage is a serious global problem.

Who will be affected by this food shortage?

Many people will be affected, but mainly Africa will suffer the most, The reason I think this is because most animals are dying in Africa. According to the passage “Africa's worst drought in 40 years leaves pasture desiccated and cows with nothing to eat”. Without cows having nothing to eat, this means animals will die of hunger leaving many cows dead. This text also states “Our livestock has died and we are sick from malnutrition but we cannot see any support from the government”. Due to all cows dying Africa has lost much wealth. When Africa lost its wealth many people that lived in Africa could not pay their taxes to the government. Africa will also have to pay taxes but due to Africa losing all its wealth it can no longer pay taxes. Therefore Africa suffered the most.

My Opinion:

In my personal opinion, I believe Africa is going through a crisis. Africa is going through many problems with wealth and products, such as how America lost all its country's water and now animals are dying. Also, Africa has lost all sources of wealth Africans lost all cash and products to sell or trade.

This is the reason I think that Africa was hit the worst during the global food shortage.

I also think that other countries should donate to Africa.

This is why I think the Global Food Scarce is Very Serious.