Our food is our strength

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


The global food crisis was one of the main topics of the festival It was not called a global crisis in vain, but rather because it is a problem facing the entire world There must be reasons that led to the occurrence of this problem, including: Frequent climate changes, high temperatures, and increased evaporation with less rainfall This led to fluctuations in rain water from year to year This has negatively affected agriculture and has become a hindrance to countries  For example, India is one of the most rice-producing countries, and rice is a staple food, but rice cultivation needs a lot of water With a lack of water, its production will be affected, and its economy will decrease due to its lack of export, which will affect its food. We must solve these problems. By making water collection wells and exploiting them in times of drought And relying on irrigation methods that rationalize water consumption and the cooperation of countries among themselves to eliminate food shortages By exchanging goods among themselves to complete their needs and achieve economic integration among them It is also my point of view that it is inevitable that there will be some rich families and societies in every country So why if they work to cooperate with each other and give alms to the poor, thus we will eliminate hunger and we will spread love among the members of society.

Finally, there is a question I would like to ask you: Did Covid 19 have an impact on the global food crisis?