Poverty and the food crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I have chosen this topic, since food crisis is not only a global issue. It also a big problem in my country. I would like to start with a question by jolly vegetable: "who is responsible for global food crisis. Is it the shortage of farmers nowadays or the changing climate?". I think both are reasons for the food crisis, but each country has its own case. In my country, the main reason of food crisis is poverty.

Poverty is one of the main causes of the food crisis. About 70% are under the poverty line in Palestine. According to UN, at the end of 2020 Gaza will not be suitable for living. Can you imagine the situation now in 2022? Since 2006, people have lived in a siege that caused the closure of most of factories in Gaza. This leads to the increase of unemployement and immigration. Sadly, Palestenian fathers immigrate and left their families to search for a better life for them. Instead of bringing food to their children, they became the food for fish in the Mideterean sea. We heard many sad stories for Palestenian people who were gone. While the children were waiting, they children lost their spirtual food.

One of the solutions to address the problem of food shortage is agricultural development. It plays an important role in improving the income needed to ensure food security. I think muncibilities should develop farming agreements in which lands are prepared for poor people. They should farm the land and get food for free. Since Gaza is the most condensed area in the world, it lacks big areas for agriculture. Recently, we have participated in the earth prize, we could apply the innovative method of vertical farming. I think each family can also secure its vegetable needs by planting the roofs of their houses. Can you imagine how Gaza would look like from the sky if this happened?

At my school, the canteen is full of delicious food that we cannot sometimes buy. Most students came to school without money. Actually, my father, like a lot of Gazan people are unemployed. However, our supportive school We also share our food togather in the open day and break time because our teachers tell us that sharing is caring. We also have a colored money box in each class for donation. I think we can use this money to make food student cards to buy from the school canteen freely. But what other regional policies can be done?

A range of policies can improve opportunities for poor families, whether in agriculture or in other areas, such as: Improving the education system and primary health care; where these policies can lead to increased income. Based on the Chinese proverb "do not give me fish, but teach me how to fish a fish", I wonder why the world did not help poor countires by building factories to creat jobs oppourtunities instead of sending food? Work for Palestenians is like blood for the body. It makes my country productive, rich, and powerful. So, Palestinian food crisis would no longer exist. Now, if there are other solutions, could you post them in the comments, please?