Food crisis refers to when people do not have sufficient food to sustain themselves . With every increasing day , more and more people are fighting for hunger .

Global food crisis have led to a sudden rise in rates of malnutrition . People go to bed hungry every night and often suffer from chronic illnesses .

Many factors have contributed to the rise of this catastrophic situation -

• The high percentage of uneducated people has resulted to unemployment which causes the family to suffer from poverty and hunger .

• Low incomes / wages of workers working in unorganised sector makes it difficult for them to purchase raw materials for food .

• High rates of raw materials such as wheat , rice , vegetables makes it difficult for economically unstable people to buy them .

• Socio-economic factors such as population and income also play an important role . With increasing population and decreasing incomes people are unable to meet their needs .

• The problem has also arised due to decrease in food supply as often crops fail due to droughts and floods .

We need to give this issue utmost importance or sooner or later food crisis will transform into a famine . We can end this crisis if government and citizens of the country try to work together for better outcomes . Some steps can be followed such as -

• Help the unprivileged people indirectly by providing them free education so that they can support their family financially and become independent .

• Teach children the importance of food and appreciate sharing of food with others .

• Set up of adequate food facilities in workplaces as many workers are not able to take care of themselves due to excess workload and low salaries .

We all should do our bit as responsible citizens and help whenever we see someone in need . Starting the revolution with small steps can also lead to the betterment of the society . Everyone is equal in this society and deserves the right to food but some are not able to get those . We need to help each other to achieve this right and make the world a better place to live .