The Food Problems in the World and their Solutions

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


Food problems are currently affecting the world greatly.

Causes of Food Problems:

The main causes of food problems are:

# Lack of management

# Wastage of food

# Climate changes

# Overuse of resources

# Conflicts

# Poverty

> Lack of Management :

Many people say the world has enough food for everyone then why nearly 10% of the world's population go to their bed hungry? Why the mothers have to face the hunger of their children? Why the children are killed because of hunger issues?

Let me answer you all these questions. The people have to face hunger just because of the lack of management. The policy makers are not working efficiently. There is dishonesty everywhere. If the people want to help the needy, it can't reach them due to selfishness of the society.

> Wastage of Food:

About 900 million tons of food are wasted annually just because people are unaware of how the food that they are wasting can help the people. There is lack of education and ethics. Particularly at the wedding events, parties at local as well as higher levels, people take food more than they need and in the end waste it.

> Climate Change :

Climate change has become an important issue in the 21st century. Due to human activities, greenhouse effect and global warming rising in the world which is causing rise in temperature. Moreover, glaciers are melting at a greater rate so there are more chances of floods in low-lying coastal areas. Summers are increased and winters are reduced in most communities which led to shortage of food.

> Overuse of Resources :

In overpopulated regions of world, fertile lands are used again and again in order to feed the entire community. When the resources are overused it leads to infertility of land which is a serious threat.

>Conflicts :

When there are conflicts everywhere, the social instability is increasing. When a war happens, it doesn't only affect the countries that are involve in war but the whole world. Like the recent, Russia- Ukraine War has become in news. Both Russia and Ukraine have a great importance in agricultural world. Their involvement in war has disturbed the whole world. The price of basic necessities hike so much these days which are unaffordable for many people.

> Poverty:

About 11.6% and 37.9 million people are living their life below poverty line. They are unable to eat properly because they can't afford it.

The food problem is the root cause of many other problems:

# Child Labor

# Child marraiges

# Lack of education

And many more.

> Child labor:

The people who are living their lives below poverty line, they make their children to work in the young age just to get them feeded. Child labor is itself very intense problem. The children who are the future of the world are being involved in labor instead of education.

> Child Marraige:

When the people have nothing to eat, they feel helpless and get their children especially daughters got marraige in young ages.Child marraiges causes social instability.

> Lack of Education:

Education is one of the basic necessities now-a-days. Education is the right of every child. When the parents have nothing to get their children feeded, how can they provide them education. We all know that education is the keys to progressive World. Without education, we can't make the world secure. Lack of education also leads to crimes which are scars on the society.

Solutions to Food Problems:

With the modernity of World, there are alse some solutions to these food problems.

# By introducing the cheap foods as per the concept of Single-cell protein.

# By making the correct policies

# By sharing the food

# By not wasting the food

# By reducing the activities that are causing climate change

# By controlling the population rate

# By saving the resourses

# By making highly effective storage systems

# By living with peace

# By normalizing the Simple activities

# By Hardwork to earn more

# By creating awareness among people

# By Helping others

# By providing education

# By providing more opportunities for jobs

If we can't stand against our problems, then sorry to say we will remain in the same position. We are the ones that create problems and we have to be the ones that solve problems. At this stage, we can acheive this milestone by hardwork and unity,because unity makes the nations powerful. It is indeed, "Unity is Strength"

Let us be unite to help our people in the need of hour. Lets be there for our lovely people. Lets make this world worth living. Lets do something for ourselves and for our next generations.

"So Powerful is the light of unity that it can illuminate the whole world "