The global food crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

. The Palestinian people are suffering from many crises, and they are still suffering from them. They are a financial crisis, an economic crisis, a health crisis, and a food crisis. Today I will talk about the food crisis. They are the young children who endure hunger who sleep without food, so that about 828 million people sleep every night while they are hungry, and the number of people facing acute food insecurity has increased. To eliminate this problem, you try with their help, checking on them, for example, as friends, as neighbors. When preparing food, try to put some food for them, or when you want to get rid of leftovers, do not be stingy and throw it away, try to help others, do not be selfish

. Help is also not limited to us only with the help of each other.. Developed countries must abandon their selfishness, and the "secret and exclusive knowledge", specifically in the field of agricultural production, which allows increasing food productivity, improving its quality, and securing sustenance for hundreds of millions of malnourished people around the world. around the world.