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The issue is the GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS and other stuff to but we are focus on GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS. Its important well that's because over 828 million people are going to sleep hungry there are children and parents going hungry in the streets and stores and yet they're treated like animals, and trash but they're also humans like us.

2.When did GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS get worse?

According to facts after decreasing steady for 10 years, world hunger is on a rise again affecting nearly 10% of the people in the world. From 2019 to 2022 it grew by as many as 150 million people.

3.How does GLOBAL FOOD CRISIS effect people?

It affects people by deaths. Over two million children die every year from malnutrition which means they don't eat good enough. It increases poverty and hurt growth, potentially fuelling political instability. Even eventually, Russia's shortage of fuel and fertiliser supplies, like nitrogen and potash, affected farmers worldwide. It caused a shrink in harvests of wheat, corn, rice, and oil seeds, and eventually, the whole supply chain now seems dismantled.

4.How serious is GLOBAL FOOD CARISIS?

Hunger is predictable, preventable, and treatable. Yet, one in ten people suffer from hunger and 75 percent of malnourished children do not have access to life-saving treatment. It can also make people suffer from pain, hunger. And the suffering is worst in 48 countries, many highly dependent on imports from Ukraine and Russia—mostly low-income countries.


There is more than enough food produced in the world to feed everyone on the planet. Yet as many as 828 million people still go hungry.Also after steadily declining for a decade, world hunger is on the rise, affecting nearly 10% of people globally. From 2019 to 2022, the number of undernourished people grew by as many as 150 million, a crisis driven largely by conflict, climate change, and the COVID-19 pandemic.

14Million Children Suffer from Severe Acute Malnutrition

45% of Child Deaths Worldwide Are Due to Hunger & Related Causes

700 Children Die Each Day from Illnesses Caused by Dirty Water and Unhygienic also mean (not clean or sanitary) living consitions.


Here are some ways we can ensure that no one is left behind this World's Food Day.

Fund Humanitarian Efforts to Prevent Famine. ...

Invest in Smallholder Farmers. ...

Ways Farmers Are Adapting to Climate Change Around the World.

Invest in Climate-Smart Agriculture. ...

Promote a Planetary Health Diet. ...

Eliminate Food Waste.