The Global Food Crisis

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I want to talk about the global food crisis.

First of all, I would like to define the global food crisis, the global food crisis in my own understanding means that it is a situation whereby there is a scarcity of food in several countries of the world leading to hunger, malnutrition, disease and eventually death.

The causes of the global food crisis are climate change, high cost of production, lack of farm imputes, low production and high essential commodities.

Insecurity is another factor that causes a food crisis, for instance in Nigeria, farmers are being attacked and killed on their farms, which scares them away from farming. Inflation and government policies on agriculture e.g unstable economy( inflation).

Again the high cost of fertilizer and farm chemicals is another cause of the food crisis because of the high cost of fertilizer, farmers could not follow the three-stage procedure of applying fertilizer which has led to the poor growth of the crops, sometimes farmers cannot even afford all the resources that are needed for planting their crops or plants. The global food crisis is a major situation that people in various countries are facing. When trees and plants die, the problem of the global food crisis starts because plants are the source of food for people. Another factor that can lead to the global food crisis is the activities of middlemen, where they buy food products from farmers at a low price and sell them at very high costs to the end users, hoarding thereby leading to scarcity of food.

The global food crisis can be very devastating if not taken care of, it affects the standard of living of people, and causes malnutrition and disease epidemics. When there is a global food crisis, people suffer, so I advise that the government of every country should find solutions to the points that I raised above that is the cause of the global food crisis and that Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) join the fight against the global food crises.