We all have a choice

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


"World leaders aren't doing enough to solve world hunger"

World hunger isn't something new. People have died of hunger since the very beginning of time. The difference is that now we could actually make a change. I know all of us are supposed to do something about it, but the world leaders are the ones who can do the most. If they want to.

Firstly, they could find out of the statistics of poor people in their country and where they are living and how much they need. Then, they should support them by giving them at least enough shelter and food to survive as this is a basic human right. However, this is not enough.

What I think the next step should be is making programmes which can help with finding these people some jobs. It's not enough to give them a place to stay and some food for a short time. They need to be able to find this for themselves too otherwise it will happen again.

Unfortunately, some countries take advantages of systems which help people like this and this can be a problem. For example by taking things that others need because they know they can get it for free and don't want to work for it themselves just because it benefits them. I think this is wrong and this could be a problem with my last point.

Some problems we need to solve for ourselves because the world leaders solve other problems for us. For example, problems with our mindset.

Not all world leaders are useless, some of them are helping with world hunger but obviously this is not enough. It's much easier to ignore a problem than it is to face it. That makes me feel sad.

Even if I were to write all of the solutions, they still have to be put into order and that's not easy. There are many questions that need to be answered. For example, 'Where will all the money come from?', 'How do we make sure the right people benefit from the help?', 'How can we find jobs for the less fortuante if there are no jobs or opportunities?', 'Once we start to solve world hunger, how can we stop it from ever happening again?'

I totally understand that is not an easy topic and that finding a solution for world hunger is a high demand but world leaders need to work harder for it and work together. Running a country is not an easy job but someone has to do it! Also, nobody is forced to become a world leader. A world leader knows exactly what they are getting into and they have high expectations of them. Hunger is just one issue that they need to deal with amongst others like education and housing.

With all this said, I believe that both us and world leaders have a responsibility to stop world hunger but it is the leaders who can make the real changes through their choices.