Are young people political

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Youth participation is one of the forms of participatory democracy, and it is also one of the forms of good governance, and it is a form of popular oversight, and youth participation will promote political development, and activate youth political participation. Reducing the state of political vacuum experienced by young people by marginalizing them and not paying attention to their issues in the programs and activities of political parties, which requires reviewing how to activate the energies of young people and re-polarize them to parties and the public. Work, and activate the role of civil institutions, by reformulating their priorities and programs in line with the national agenda, in order to achieve integration in the work between them and official institutions. I think it's time for us as young people to break the perceptions and stereotypes that we can't participate in it because we don't know because we're not old enough because we don't because we're not enough. On the contrary, we know and we are enough, it is time to participate and have a say in our future because we are the future and I am excited about the future that I see as more youth-friendly and encourages us to participate to express our opinions and concerns without shutting us down, you have to start somewhere and somewhere often It can be messy and full of mistakes, but in order to learn from those mistakes the way I did, you have to be willing to constantly question your point of view. Maybe you change your own mind and in doing so you change other minds too. But remember, you have to start somewhere to get anywhere.