Are young people political

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Importance of Youth in Politics Unfortunately, the youth of today has gotten such a bad name when only a minority of people are causing social unrest. Most young people are motivated and have plenty of time to do well in whatever they do, which means they can be a very important aspect of politics. First, young people have different perspectives and a different set of ideas. By allowing them to express their views, we can open up the political world and move it forward. This is not only beneficial to society, but essential to society. If young people do not get involved in politics, even if it is through pressure groups, there will be many problems with our political institutions in trying to keep politics fair and sustainable for future generations. For example, equal rights for women require that many young women be involved in the issue at hand. why? Because they have strong feelings about the issue at hand, and this is politically important to the states. You should work to increase interest and opinion
How do we do this? Other than the obvious, reading the news and consulting with your MP, there are a plenty of exciting opportunities for the young to get involved.

Partaking in social organisations, such as Youth Parliament, is a prime opportunity for a young people to get involved. In the UK, for youth parliament is open to teenagers who wish to use their voice in creative ways in order to bring about social change. This is both exciting and informative.