Sugar, Spice and equal rights.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

In modern day, people are treated better than they used to be. But it’s still not enough. People are still discriminated against and looked at weirdly in the street. People of colour are still not being treated right in different countries. It’s the same with LGBTQ+ not many countries accept this. For example, Qatar has strict laws against the LGBTQ+ community, journalists have been jailed for speaking out against the government. It is awfully sad that people are not accepting people for who they are.

Many people are very stereotypical and it is just sad that people are trying to make everyone the same. Slavery ended in 1865. It seems like a long time ago but it was only 156 years ago. That may seen like a long time ago but trust me, it’s not. LGBTQ+ was legal in the US in 2003. That is just disappointing. We have been born into a sick and twisted society and it is just sad that we all have to live like this. Think about how much better the future would be if we acted now.

Tell everyone you know. If you see someone getting bullied or picked on, help them. We are young and have nothing to lose. So go. Go tell your friends to help people. Go tell them to make new friends and share opinions. We have a whole future ahead of us that can change if we all act now. Fight for your rights.

Young but wise minds

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