The good and bad of younger and older politicions.

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I think that having either older or younger have ups and downs. We have had mostly older lawmakers and some younger ones. People like Donald Trump and many others have made the world worse for people, especially younger people. People in their 50s and 80s have run this country for a long time and some have done a great. Barack Obama has made healthcare more affordable and has been remembered as a great president. I think the reason politicians are older is because people think that they are more experienced for the positions.Though lately is hasn't been like that.45% of young americans say that politics have a negative effect on their mental health. In the past few years the political spear has been in a downward spiral. People always say that the younger generation are the future, even though most of the people who decide the future are older than your parents. There are few to none younger politicians, which isn't good because there should be, because only having one or the other won't accommodate everyone's needs. If there were more younger politicians they could better understand the other younger people, and they would have a more open mind towards new things. Though being younger could also mean that they experienced with certain things. In my opinion, even though neither are the perfect fits, I don't think there will ever be.