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My topic will be about a.i and how it will affect many of us in the coming years.in a good. way or a bad way depending how you look at things,I also will be talking about the downsides about ai and the companies that will be coming and getting taken down with it. which will also give us a view on how the future of our world will look like.with that said i will now be talking about a.i and how many places things and people will change with it in a positive way or negative let's go.


There are many positives about ai and what they will do for us in the far future like they will definitely help with climate change a big issue that will effect us all if its not changed and the company tesla which is all about electric cars and a.i have made many things that use artificial intelligence they made cars that are fully electric and have ai into there programming like for example the cars have autopilot which uses a lot of ai to path find its way around tricky roads


but some negatives about a.i is many people will become homeless and will lose their jobs because of ai like for example construction workers will probably get replaced by robots waiters will also get replaced by a.i and a lot of people will be super angry from this potentially causing riots around the world

My opinion

My view on this is that ai is very helpful and is one of the most useful things ever made like its helping the environment its helping people in with difficult tasks and it never fails because ai is always right because it pulls a bunch of sources from different places and puts them all together this would make a massive impact in the world in the future like imagine you lost your keys and cant find them so you use some type of ai to locate them in my opinion ai can help in any situation so my view on this is a.i is a very powerful tool that many people don't understand so if you know what your doing and your ready for the future then you should totally try some websites that have artificial intelligence