Ai and art

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.


I have decided to write my story on artificial intelligence and art i have chosen this topic because people use ai to cheat and it influence the people that are the professional artist Artificial intelligence is designed to stimulate human intelligence through computer systems programmed to synthesise information,recognize patterns and make decisions, theses systems can complete tasks associated with human intelligence current Ai text-to image generators, such are trained to mimic human artistic abilityFor “AI artists,” the art-making process involves figuring out what string of words will generate the best image — not what colours to mix or brush strokes to try.

Even the artistically challenged can produce decent, sometimes deceptive, images using artificial intelligence text-to-image generators. In a survey of 504 Yale undergraduates, respondents could tell if art was AI-generated or human-made an average of 54 percent of the time.

Yale experts — from artists to AI researchers to legal scholars — weighed in on the impending effect of AI art on society.

Perspective positive:

There are many benefits to using AI for Art Creation such as exploring new art styles, exploring the creative process, automating tedious tasks, creating expressive pieces of art, enhancing existing pieces of art, bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, and exploring new mediums.And it is important because without Ai me myself cant be able to complete my story or make a sensible story or anything like that.

Perspective negative:

it may use other artists' work without permission, credit, or compensation to generate the art the user desires and that is called cheating they just get their money and run away this quote by richard parkinson’s cheaters never win and it also affect the artist that are professional not a like a random just came and gut the money and person who is trained will feel bad so my saying is that ai should be banned in art others it allowed


I should say that they should be a problem to solve this because people are stealing people money and making the skilful artist sad for their work so i want ai to be banned for people who use it for artwork but please don't ban it for writing story because me personally i am writing a story