Ai and Arts in the music and art industry

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai and Arts

Ai and arts are a very important topic nowadays as our technology is advancing rapidly throughout all media. It is very important to know about the features in the new world of technology. I strongly believe that newer technology would be better and worse for the world as it can advance the medical industry but can also make people lose jobs. In my discussion I will be focusing on the positives and negatives of ai throughout the whole Art industry. From music to painting to design in most categories.

Positives of Ai and Arts

In the real world of music art and design humans can only think of so much while AI can more efficiently make more types of creative music and make more ideas for music that humans wouldn’t have been able to think about sooner. Another great advancement the ai will help us with keeping the costs down when actually trying to produce a piece of music making it a way more cost efficient way to produce music and arts while it can also help you pass tedious tasks without any needing to put much work in it making it easier for you to do the easier and fun things while the ai is working on the work.

Negatives of Ai and Arts

While most things about ai are normally good there are still some downfalls about modern ai tech like how you still have to put in an input and put in thought for you to be able to produce the work you want to as you still have to describe and input your ideas into the ai and you still have continuously assist the ai in writing the piece otherwise it might not go into the direction you want it to go into. Another negative about the AI is that it lacks soul to the piece of work it produces and it can't produce a work with human emotion. Sometimes human work is better to the opinion of other people as it contains a hidden meaning (a philosophy) while Ai can't make one in a text due to its knowledge barriers.


In my opinion it will be very beneficial to every standpoint in newer generations of tech and health and well being while it can also benefit newer music production in the industry.