AI and its effects

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I will talk about artificial intelligence and discuss various related topics. First, artificial intelligence is defined as: “a branch of computer science through which computer programs can be created and designed to simulate the method of human intelligence so that the computer can perform some tasks that require thinking, understanding, hearing, speaking and movement instead of the human” and there are many areas of work specializing in artificial intelligence, for example:

programming expertise, systems analysis and design,

Supervision of computer work and robots that improve the performance and productivity of institutions by automating processes or tasks that required human power in the past. In our daily lives

Robots, self-driving cars, disease mapping, artificial intelligence is important in the field of medicine, as it helps in the diagnosis process, in improving treatment plans, in developing drugs, and in monitoring and caring for the patients. It is also important in many areas of daily life such as education, economics, marketing, management, media, and others. The artificial one has achieved amazing gains, and it excels in some tasks compared to humans as well. Making correct decisions in a short period of time and in some situations where human safety is at risk, we can use machines equipped with custom algorithms. Nowadays, scientists use sophisticated machinery to study the ocean floor where humans would hardly exist.

However, there must be negatives, which is that people can become very dependent on what artificial intelligence says and do not use their intelligence. In the future, the demand for it has increased dramatically because of its great importance in the growth and prosperity of civilizations. The USA is the largest producing country for AI faculty specialists. Finally, artificial intelligence emerged from research laboratories and from the pages of fictional novels, to become an integral part of our daily lives. From helping us navigate cities and avoiding traffic jams, to using virtual assistants to help us perform various tasks, and today our use of artificial intelligence is rooted in the community.