A.I And The Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

A.I And The Arts is something that is defining the future and now taking over peoples jobs. I strongly believe that A.I will one day take over us and that the A.I that we have today is way too advanced for our time. Due to it being far more advanced than we can possibly fathom i think that one day A.I will become so advanced that we will not be able to control it anymore. If we slow ourselves down with the technology then maybe we can prepare ourselves more for the future and what A.I will become.

A.I is not all bad though as it can be used for good and that is what it is usually intended to be used for. A.I can help people with their jobs and can help people with their struggles.

Secondly, A.I can help with people who are struggling with finding friends and they can rely on A.I to be there for them in hard times. A.I can be whatever you want it to be like a chatbot, a robot or whatever you want.

Do not think A.I has no faults though as A.I has many different faults and is worse than better in some ways. As we are rushing through A.I there is a very large chance that in the future A.I will be so complicated and different that we will not understand it anymore and it will go against us and take over. A.I is already taking over some peoples jobs as well and it will one day take away all jobs.

Secondly, A.I can not be very helpful as it doesn’t have emotions as a human so it isnt likely that it will help much with emotional support.

In conclusion i am concerned with the pace we are going at with our A.I technology. This is because of the reason that if we carry on with this pace then we will end up not being able to control the A.I as it will be too confusing. For now we just think it is fun and games as we are doing fun things with it but soon it will end up out of hand.