Ai and the Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI and the Arts


Ai and the arts, in my opinion, can be beneficial since they can provide inspiration for aspiring artists. It can be useful for other things other than painting, in my opinion. For instance, responding to inquiries, assisting with tasks, and many other things. The ai modifier produces work and provides information in order to assist humans and show them how their art might inspire them. This might encourage people to become more confident in their favourite activities. However, AI can be detrimental because it can produce a piece of art in a matter of seconds, which would be unsettling for human artists.

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Another reason why this can make artists feel as if they aren’t good enough is because if the AI starts to create loads of work it can make people forget about the real human artists which will make them less popular and the AI more popular. Popular and well known artists can feel as if the AI is taking over their job. The reason why they may feel this is because the AI can create a piece of art in 2 seconds but can take many hours for a human artist to finish theirs. This would make the artist feel bad and might make them feel the AI is better than them because their quality is the same as the humans. Also the artist could think there’s no point in them if it takes ages for them to do one good piece of artwork when the ai can do thousands in the same time.


In conclusion, Ai and the arts have many positives and many negatives. Personally, I believe AI is more of a negative thing than a positive. Although AI and the arts can help you in many different ways, inspiring artwork, helping answering questions, and many more, it has a bad impact on people who. This doesn’t always mean that everyone is going to have a bad impact if they use ai but it does mean that some people may be impacted badly and might make some people feel the ai is decreasing their confidence. I think this problem can be solved if people don’t use the AI as much or if the AI is only there for answering questions and more. If this problem doesn’t get solved it might have a very bad impact in the future.