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AI/artificial intelligence is technology used to act/think in the ways of a human,

AI does this by taking in info from the real world and deciding responses based on what the AI knows. AI affects the way we live by making simple and mundane decisions and tasks a lot easier and faster, saving people lots of time to do other things like hang out with friends or meet up with family. Most people don't realise that lots of things rely on AI such as phones, video games and shopping.

Positives and negatives

AI is good/useful because it can automatically complete repetitive tasks, enhance products and services and analyse data faster and more efficiently and accurately than humans. On the 3rd of september 2022 Jason M used AI to win first place in an arts competition, Jason used an ai called midjourney. This caused a lot of controversy and it made people believe there is no point in artis if the new technology can do all the art for you. Although AI is useful it is also dangerous due to helping with cyber attacks, info warfare, political manipulation and weaponization.

My opinion

In my opinion AI is extremely useful as it helps us daily and can make people lots of money by making NFTS (Non Fundable Tokens), but it can be dangerous in many ways leaking people’s personal information.