AI And The Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI And The Arts

The topic that i have chosen to talk about is AI And The Arts because i really like art and don't want AI to affect it in a negative way and ruin it. Ai could affect art as it could make artists lose creativity as they would just say something and AI could just make it for them. I feel like this is bad as ideas from humans are better and more realistic and imperfect as some drawings aren't perfect but that is what makes art great, so if AI did it it would be too perfect.


With this topic there are a lot of different people that are affected by AI art, different perspectives on it. People that are affected by it are artists and their creativity is great but if Ai affected them it will reduce their creativity. Also make artists stop making art as they could just ask ai to do it which would be bad as ai art wouldn't be as good as human art in any way. The different perspectives of ai art would be negative perspectives as it would give people a lack of creativity and laziness. Also another very negative aspect of ai art is that people could easily use it to cheat in competitions and say it was themself. A positive perspective is that AI art can give young up and coming artists great inspiration to make great art so they can be famous artists when they are older.


In my opinion I think AI art is a very negative thing as there are so many negative aspects about it. Like giving people a lack of creativity and making people way less bothered to draw or giving them less reasons to get up and make a video of them drawing. It would also make drawing too perfect like i said in the introduction as some of the best art is not perfect like abstract art. 1 more important reason why it is bad is that loads of people will stop buying art when they can use ai to make it for them.

So in conclusion I think that Ai And The Arts is a very negative thing because of how many negative things there are compared to positive things there are about it.