AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI and the Arts

Today I will be talking about Ai and the arts and I will also be speaking about if they are good or bad and if they should be allowed.Ai and the arts is a peculiar topic/story because a lot of people hate it but many people like it it’s like a 50/50 but what do you think is it a good thing or a bad thing you tell me but here are my perspectives.My perspectives are 50/50 i think that AI and the arts are a good thing but bad also.

Let's start with the positives about AI and the arts. The positives will be that as AI makes amazing looking pieces of art it could inspire young artist to try to make similar pieces of art and it could also help young artist learn from their mistakes and make a better piece of art from AI because young artist can take the look of the piece of art and make it their own.

Now let's move onto the negatives about AI and the Arts. The negatives will be that AI are technically stealing from famous or skilled artists by taking their art WITHOUT there permission and basically copying their art and Ai calling it their “ART”. Another negative is that it could stop famous or very skilled artists from making artwork that will be famous. This is bad because no one will believe that the artists made the work.

Now you will listen to my opinion I think that it is a good but bad thing.The good thing about AI and the arts could be that it could be an inspiration to young artists and they could learn from the AI but the bad thing could be that it will stop famous artists from making artwork because the AI will take the work and make it better or worse and this can affect the mood of the artist on making artwork and this is classed as stealing.Back to the good thing it could also be a good thing because it could help the artist take the work but get rid of some and make it your own work.

So therefore I think that Ai and the Arts at good but bad at the same time.