Ai And The Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Introduction: Why AI?

Ai and the arts are the subject of a heated discussion since copyright and creativity ethics remain a growing concern. Recent research has revealed that AI-generated photos do contain images with copyright violations included, infuriating many artists with the apparent "devilish stealing" that the AI has done. Due to the gap in the real artist industry, this led to an argument among several artists. Many artists are very opposed to ai produced art and claim that it has led people to doubt the creation of human-made artwork.

Many artists contend how all their creativity and all their labor they have put into their work can be taken, used for “inspiration” into an AI Generator and be made with no creativity in no less than a few minutes. Also, the AI’s used give no credit to the actual artist and just replicates the style. Clearly, the artist's point of view has a clear opposition towards the new features AI uses yet non-artists and research has a slightly different approach. People from aspects of work have been interviewed and most say it is not for them to speak but a few members of the interview have supposingly said that they think that the artist should be proud their style of work is being spread while artists argue that credit is a necessity if taken. Others mostly just agree with the artist saying it should be monitored on what they are exactly taking and inferring if it is an actual steal of their artwork or just a similar style. And while the directions given to image generators can be fairly vague, they can also request that the image be based on the creation of another artist, which then obscures the line between copyright and inspiration.

In my personal experience and opinion, I believe there is a line between the advantages and disadvantages of AI generators. Clearly, this viewpoint is solely based from the perspective of the artist. The conversation here should, in my opinion, center on what the artists believe to be the most important issue. However, I strongly believe artificial intelligence needs to stop almost depriving artists of the credit for their own work in order to give them more of the credit that artists deserve.