AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI can be helpful in many ways in many cases. However, in the near future it can cause many problems for people how want to/ have a profession that includes the Arts. It can have a significant impact on the arts in various ways. AI is important because it has potential to transform various professions and industries and make our lives either easier or more difficult. There are many different ways in what it can either help, or make things more confusing and difficult. In this essay i will be talking out all of these different ways. It will affect everyone in the future wether its negatively or positively.

Ai can help us solve so much more problems than imaginable in the matter or a couple seconds to less than a second. For example, it is very efficient as it can solve all sorts of problems in lightening speed. AI is the most accurate program in the world. The last positive thing about AI is that it os very accessible, for most AI sights you do not have to pay and the only thing you need for it is internet of some sort of connection. Even Though there are many many great things about AI, it can have a huge negative impact on people in the future. Some examples of this is; laziness (if everyone ends up only using AI for everything included in the arts they will get lazy and have no such creativity), less human controlled jobs (if AI takes over jobs involved in the arts, thousands of people will loosed their jobs as the will no longer be needed). Furthermore, music artists, artists, authors and many more professions that are now controlled by humans may disappear in the future because the people doing those jobs will no longer be needed as AI will do their job in the matter of seconds.

In my personal opinion, I don't think AI will affect the future negatively because lots of people who have talents and can make money off of doing something they are good at and enjoy will not be able to make a living off of it anymore. This is because AI can copy the voices of humans almost perfectly which will affect music artist, it can write books in a couple hours (which will affect authors) and many more professions.