AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

In my point of view I believe that artificial intelligence should take a short break in their advancement of the arts and give some space to people that have a career in them. I believe instead of working on something that already exists and that is not needed they should work on things like saving lives and finding ways to survive in places with no life. Even though artificial intelligence being this advanced in the arts is a huge technical breakthrough it also has a huge impact on people that get through life by working with the arts.

However in some people eyes it may be a good thing because artificial intelligence might do a better job with the arts than humanly possible but if in a few years time AI becomes better than humans this can result in poverty because their will be no need for people to work in the arts causing people to lose jobs and could potentially ruin the lives of many people. Although if Artificial intelligence made an advancement in things that may not be humanly possible then instead of taking away job opportunities it can share a positive impact in the world.

In my opinion i think that AI would make a better introduction into everyday life if they could work on something more important leave jobs to people that actually deserve them and slow down so they can give people more time to think about how they want their future to chang and maybe in a few years artificial intelligence and the arts may be a good thing but for now if it is already that advanced it doesn't need to get any better and people should stop taking things too fast .