AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI and the Arts:

AI (Artificial Intelligence ) is rapidly advancing as it gains more information. AI can learn from things just like us, people. However, AI can already mimic humans in voice and the way it responds, for example ChatGPT, which is an acronym for 'generative pre-trained transformer'. A few things that AI can do is that it can assist us in a couple of things such as homework and drawing and work more efficiently . Some games could also contain Artificial Intelligence to make the game play feel more realistic to the player and enhance the game play.

Positives and Negatives:

Some positive things about AI is that it can help you do things that are difficult and as i said some games contain AI to make the gameplay feel more realistic for example games that contain AI make the game feel more like real life by mimicking humans. Some negatives about AI is that people's jobs can be taken by AI and this is already happening, BT has replaced 55,000 people with chatbot artificial intelligence since they are more efficient and cut down costs by also, they also do as they are programmed with minim error unlike humans. Did you know that AI can create art / photos so impressively realistic that they can win a serious competition. A photographer admits that his prize-winning photo was created by AI. AI can use deeper learning to understand things that are complex to us and make connections between different things.

My Opinion:

In conclusion, I think that there are some concerning things about AI like the fact that they are advancing so fast that they can replace humans in multiple jobs. AI can learn faster and efficiently than humans, which is kind of scary because they could be smarter than us at one point but it is not all negative though. AI can also help us do things that we find difficult. I also find it cool that AI can mimic humans to make things like game and AI chatbots more realistic. I also think that AI can create any piece of art and writing within seconds.