AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI you know what it is and so do i but by the off chance that you don't know what AI is it is a robot programed to learn and adapt to its sole task AI at the moment is not the most advanced because there are times were if you push an AI to it’s limit it can react in strange ways for instance the bing assistance is known that if you say its wrong it can have error messages or act strangely. Many people though have their own opinion on ai we will go into this right now.

There are 3 different ways of looking at AI. One is you Love AI,Another is that you don't care and the final one is you could hate AI. There are many reasons to love AI. It can answer your questions,it can make art and music but it can also edit videos to look like different things. Because AI learns from different conversations that means it can only get more advanced with everything everyone tells it so it almost like this is the best thing ever but there is a reason to why many people hate AI its for a multitude of reasons but the main one is an AI called Freya she was an AI on Facebook who learned from every conversation which ended up not ending well and then shutdown some other reasons are it makes us lazy and we can use it to cheat in tests.

In my personal opinion I love AI but I think there should be a limit to what it can do. For instance AI learns from every conversation after a while only some conversations should be remembered to keep it to be able to know things about the world but not so much that it becomes too advanced.There is also the problem that if it creates art and music or a book for instance if it is copyright or not for instance if i say make 5 people standing next to each other in the style of Vincent Van Gogh's starry night it will make it and it raises the question should people be paid if people's work is being put into an AI and then the AI making something based off of the work so in my opinion i love AI but in the future it all might change