AI and the Arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Around 1940 - 1960 AI was created and is now being used for many lifting activities, such as:

Art generator, Music generator, Chatbots, anything that creates.

These types of AI have revolutionised how people are seeing AI. Some are scared about what AI will do in the future, taking jobs, “world domination”, but the main is ‘how human will AI get’.

AI gets more information and becomes more like humans, daily!

Their technology advances being able to expand to other subjects, Teaching, Factory work, Ect…

It's important to be aware of AI and what it will do in the future.

AI affects everyone.

Firstly, AI will take jobs in the future which leads to people getting left behind without a job, Proceeding to no longer getting money or opportunities to go into a better life.

Another reason people may be affected by AI is then having no more human interaction. We know of chatbots and we can talk to them with no end if we really wanted to. People are only wondering how much more advanced they will get in the future.

On the other hand, It could be better than humans at our jobs since they wouldn't make mistakes, they run off of a program. This would make production of most jobs easier and faster. Secondly, all of the people who think about this are normally richer people as they are not worried about losing their jobs.

In my opinion, there is a big issue concerning AI. People are scared/ worried about it and some are very happy and enjoy it. There should be a public debate or set rules about what AI should and shouldn’t be allowed to do. As an example I could say ‘AI should not be allowed to take jobs or be employed at all’. This is probably within reason so people can still use it but kept to a standard. As robots they shouldn’t be allowed to do the things that we do because people enjoy and get satisfaction from doing certain things, and AI could just take that from them.

In conclusion,

Personally I am concerned about what will happen to AI in the future, what will it be capable of? and what could it do to the human race? These are just a couple of the questions i have regarding AI and the Arts.