AI Art and The Near Future

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI could impact the future of the art industry, our everyday lives and the careers of traditional artists.The main reasons include changes in concepts and authenticity. Artificial art could eventually become one of the biggest things to ever exist, especially in the art industry. Although this aspect may strike as positive, there are some negative aspects that have occured.

Artificial intelligence could be used to create things such as music and images, but primarily art. AI tools and techniques allow digital artists to create work in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional techniques. Shifting to artificial art could enhance the world of art but there are negative aspects.

The negative side to AI images is that many illustrators are losing money and eventually their jobs due to AI image generators. As AI art progressively gets better and more realistic, many other artists’ jobs are put in jeopardy.Another drawback often mentioned is that there would be a rise of quality concerns and possibly plagiarism in art competitions such as photography.An example is a man called Boris Eldagsen, who had submitted a photo created by artificial intelligence into a competition and had won, without speculation until he had revealed that he was testing to see what would happen. Eventually, it was shown that the competition owners did not know that the photo was made of AI. This may cause speculation of cheating and fairness if AI is used in competitions. Traditional artists also spend a couple hours of time and effort into it but if it is paintings, they take up to 3 months on average to make it, whilst artificial art puts no effort and creates it in mere seconds.

In Conclusion, I believe that the art industry is negatively impacted by AI.Despite positive perspectives, They are outweighed by the negatives. As AI continues to grow throughout the world of art, artificial art lacks its inner meaning to the constructor of the piece. AI agents are not creating art but are actually replicating art.Although AI could be our future,it would impact true creativity in the world as you could simply go on to a website and have it create an image for you.It is our responsibility to take decisive action so we can keep the world of art out of the hands of AI.