AI is need of time

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Artificial intelligence is the duplication of human intelligence proces by mechines, especialy computer systems. AI and art (Artificial intelligence art) is any form of digital art created or enhanced with AI...

Artificial intelligence work by ingesting a large amount of described data. It also examine the data for connection and design to make forecast about future states. In this way a chatbot that is fed example of text can learn to generate realistic interchange with people, or an image identification tool an learn to identify and discribe objects. New fast improving generative, AI techniques can make realistic text, images, music and other media. AI programming focuses on cognitive skills that include learning, reasioning, self-correction, creativity.

Artificial intelligence is good as well as bad aspects. In my opinion Artifical intelligence is very important and informative if we use it wisely and legally. AI have many advantages. It help us in our daily life. It make our work easier. It improves our life and also reduced human efforts. It also have disadvanatages that may cause serious effects on our life. It is used for crimes, murders and mostly for illegal work.

The most common example of AI is the robort. Roborts are often used to perfom tasks that are difficult for humans to perfom. It works better than human. Sophia Robort is an example of Artificial intelligence. Sophia is a social humanoid robort developed by the Hong-kong bassed company 'Hansan Robortics'. Sophia was activated on Feburary 14, 2016. She is the main attaraction to how artificial intelligence can be used to benefit humanity. The examples of AI in our daily life are Apple's Siri, Google ow, Amazon's Alexa and Microsoft Cortara. These digital assistants help users to perfom various taskstasks for checking their schedules and searching for somrthing on the web, and to sending commands to another app. AI is an important part of how these apps work.

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly a trending and emerging technology. It is growing very fast day by day, and it is enabling machine to copy the human brain. Due to its high perfomance and as it is making human life easier, it is becoming a highly demanded technology among industries. We can conclude that it is a great technology, but each technique must be used in limited way in order to be used effectively, without any harm.