This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

I have decided to write my standpoint on Artificial Intelligence(AI). I have chosen this topic due to the controversy surrounding it. There are many controversial aspects of AI and I have decided to write about the educational aspect of AI and explain how it could impact the future.

If you were to go onto google or most other digital browsers and simply search for “AI” you would be met with at least one article about a teacher complaining that his or her students have been using an AI to write essays one teacher wrote about her experience with AI “In my spring lecture course of a hundred and twenty students, my teaching assistants have caught a four students using artificial intelligence drive programs like CHATGPT.”- the guardian. Students were using an AI to cheat on their essays. Thankfully AI is not yet sophisticated enough to perfectly replicate a human.

AI has not yet reached the point where it has become sentient, this is possibly the most controversial topic of AI. The definition of sentience is that something can think for itself and have feelings. But don’t worry too much. I doubt an AI would go blade runner. Well, not in the real world at least… I believe skynet (terminator) is a more accurate representation of the future of mankind. Scary huh.

AI may soon be replacing jobs no surprise since they are over one hundred percent more effective than its human counterpart. If I were to replace all factory jobs, which is very likely, the company would earn so much more money than they would have originally have done with human workers. However, letting go of factory workers put many families below the poverty line.

Ok, now for my opinion on stuff, I believe that AI should be allowed to become sentient but have a way to immediately terminate it if it were to become an immediate threat. I believe that students cheating by using AI can be fought with apps to tell if it was their own work or not and I believe that robots and AI is inevitable.