artificial intelligence

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We discussed in the class with our teacher and the class that artificial intelligence is not bad for me, and it helps us in many areas, including communication with relatives, and I helped in manufacturing the robot well, and it is used to process languages, and there are few negatives to it, which are the unclear legal responsibility and the imitation of human activities. I learned all things from the experts. A sentence that I did not know, and this is something interesting. I learned that the phenomenon of nepotism and nepotism expresses a painful reality, and it is the most common corruption in the administrative milieu. It is a crime punishable by law because it involves an assault on the rights of others and an assault on the foundations of justice, equality, and equal opportunities. It can cancel a right or achieve it. In vain, nepotism is known as a form of administrative corruption that results in negative results, including (negligence at work, repeated mistakes, and poor production): because it includes inequality of people and failure to give them the rights due to them, and there is great injustice in it.

The thing I am most shocked by is nepotism, because this is forbidden for human rights, and what he does transgresses the rights of others, and this is not in our origin, for example, that a person is brave in studying and is one of the first, and they could not hire him, and another person is unable to study, and he is their relative or friend and employs him This is not fair because it leads to the corruption of society and the sabotage of relations. Favoritism is also the exchange of goods in exchange for political support. This is why nepotism is a great injustice to the weak. We discussed in today’s chapter that nepotism is forbidden because it is not permissible for the rights of society, and this is an injustice to them. In order to achieve what is in mind for relatives

For example . A man was arrested by the police, so he pays a sum of money and takes it out

Over the years, there is great corruption in society, and this corruption is considered a form of nepotism or nepotism, for example, which leads to killing a person in order to achieve what he wishes for another person, or causes many disturbing morals.