Artificial intelligence and its importance

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Great leaps are witnessed by artificial intelligence month after month, and its uses have entered almost everything, starting from crafts such as drawing paintings, writing stories, editing news, and design in all its forms, through service jobs in restaurants and hotels, to assisting in the implementation of some of the most complex jobs such as surgeries, so to what extent can That artificial intelligence arrives? Is it possible for him to outperform the humans who created him and cause the collapse of their civilization, as we see in fantasy films?

The most prominent techniques of artificial intelligence
Machine learning is one of the most important and famous artificial intelligence technologies ever, because it makes the machine able to learn from data or previous experiences, and thus enables it to make decisions on its own, and this field has developed a lot because of the Internet and the data revolution and big data (Big Data) .

Deep Learning is one of the most exciting and interesting artificial intelligence technologies today because of its enormous capabilities and the complex tasks it can perform. It contains modules that convert input data into information that the next layer can use for a specific predictive task, allowing the device to learn by processing its own data.

Robotics, which is one of the artificial intelligence technologies that link different computer sciences with mechanical and electrical engineering to make the robot can think and move like a human, and this technology is developing rapidly.