Effects of AI in Textile Industry

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

According to me, when an AI creates an artwork, it has no value because, it takes only a fraction of a second to create a work, that to it won't be unique because AI generates its ideas from millions of input given into it. Each artist has his/her way of potraying a picture. It conveys that a It conveys that artists emotional skill and their feelings. It also conveys the situation of that time period.

I would like to give an example....

In our country (India) women wear sarees. The value of the saree increases with the time and quality of the work. The traditional way of making a saree is by weaving which takes even months for a single saree, as it depends on the material and design. The entire process is not made by a single weaver. The thread used for weaving is made by one person, few others dye the thread.

Many villagers still now depend on handloom weaving. As this is a big process the work put into it is more than that of the work done by a machine. So the price of a handmade is always high.

As people couldn't afford that much money for a single saree, it is only used by rich people or any special occassions like weddings and other festivals. Because of this, traditional handloom weavers let go their work and move to other jobs. So many industries took this as an advantage and started to create huge textile industries.

The textile indsutries started using AI for their work and created large amount of new designs and also in high quantity in a short period of time. So obviously the price was also low. Even this made the handloom weavers to not surivie in this field.

The traditional handloom sarees had very unique and intricate designs, which showed the hardwork and quality of an individual weaver. So the design and quality varies from one weaver to another, which shows their identity. Even few villagers had their own design and quality, which makes an identity for the entire village. But the machine made products does not have any uniqueness as design and quality keeps on repeating.

Nowadys the upcoming generation is moving towards handloom products for their uniqueness and quality. Also many of us started to pay for their hardwork too.

Let us all support handloom weavers and their hardwork.