Effects of AI in the Art World

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Artificial intelligence has been shaking the art world recently with the different opinions going for or against it. I personally can see both positives and negatives in AI, however as an artist myself, I do not think it should be called your own art or submitted as an assignment. However, through the art industry, not every person sees both sides, as many opinions are encountered, which leaves me writing this essay, where I will explain the two perspectives and why they are supported.

Out of the two opinions about AI the one that is more commonly seen is the ‘against’ side. Many people support this opinion because they see artificial intelligence as a threat. AI creates art without meaning or emotions, which can sometimes result in offensive images. Also, AI produces a large body of art everyday by taking bits of other artists’ work, which leaves traditional artists more and more furious, as AI gains more popularity day by day. Not only do people on the internet disagree with the hype of artificial intelligence, but some companies disagree with it too. For example, the British-American image company, Getty Images, has officially banned artificial intelligence from their website. This change caused even more people to stand against artificially generated images.

However, opposing traditional artists stand against AI artists. These artists get inspired by AI and encourage the use of it. For example, Sougwen Chong is an award winning artist who joins technology with human skill. Artists like her support the creation of AI, often because of the art producing speed. Unfortunately, human artists, physically, can not produce art single-handedly at the speed that AI can, which raises their hopes of AI becoming the master of art in the near future.

Overall, I stand as a neutral person in this discussion, with acceptance of both sides. And, I think that everyone’s opinion should be tolerated, as at the end of the day art remains as art. I think that artists should stay neutral with their opinions about AI because it can not match the skill level of traditional artists, however we should stay open minded and support the potential it holds. I personally do not enjoy using AI, however I do find some AI-using artists inspiring. After explaining both sides of this argument, and discovering my own opinion, this topic left me thinking, what is your opinion on artificial intelligence generating art?