Future of AI arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Should AI be in the arts ? There have been countless debates on this topic .AI art is fascinating. It is a new style of art. By using the combination of creative artists it can make new and realistic artwork digitally. Many say that it is stealing artwork because a computer is generating artists' work from the internet without their permission. Others say that it is very impressive that a computer could do that in a matter of seconds.While for people it would take hours even days to create.But what is true is that it is advancing massively.

AI art can help us understand the capabilities of artificial intelligence.AI can help create more diversity in the industry.By exploring what AI is capable of the idea of creativity and understanding what creativity is .We can learn more about how it works and learn how it can be improved.It can also help artist have a wider range of perspectives and they could incorporate that it in their artwork.Additionally, AI can be inspiring new forms of creativity and leading to a breakthrough in a variety of fields. However, sometimes it can be difficult to recognize the difference between art that was made by a human or if it was made by a machine.There is also a risk that AI art could lead to a loss of human touch that makes art so special .This could lead to issues around the authenticity and originality as well as leaving artists to think of who should be credited for the artwork.

In conclusion, AI art is rapidly evolving into fields that can change the way we create,experience and think about art.While there are many positive aspects like including the ability to create new and innovative pieces , democratise art,and inspire new forms of creativity.There are also some negative aspects to consider,including concerns around job loss,authenticity and to develop and evolve.It is important that we are careful of how much technology is involved in the world. By balancing how much technology in the world we can ensure that AI art is used in a responsible and ethical way. If that it continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in art while also respecting the long history that art has made.Then we can have two types of artwork: Ai artwork and human artwork.