Is AI and the arts a good idea?

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

There are two sides of AI and the arts are a good idea or bad idea. Since it encourages greater levels of creativity and originality in the arts. AI allows artists to experiment with unique aesthetics and techniques that were previously impossible or difficult to master. AI can help you study, or even work. AI may potentially simplify tasks like helping artists in finding ideas and inspiration. However, AI can be bad since people can rely on AI too much and that would cause laziness and being ignorant to other people.

On one hand, it's a clever or even beneficial idea. They frequently have a view that AI development should never stop. This is due, in particular, to their accessibility at all times and places, 24/7. It carefully looks up the questions you ask on the internet. People who struggle with making decisions can easily advance with AI because it can make decisions or even boost creativeness. People who tend to have mild anxiety or depression might feel less loneliness.

On the other hand, people think it's a poor idea. Since climate change hasn't been helpful for the world, AI wouldn't either since it increases carbon footprint while raising greenhouse gases that are released into our atmosphere. Loneliness may be prevented but the lack of work would make people lazy. Although they can boost your creativity, they can also keep you from lack of work or having trouble finding work.

Depending on your different experience, the good and negative would impact. But I think it's an unacceptable concept because the increasing carbon footprint, which later releases greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, doesn't truly contribute to making the world a better place. Yes, there may be ways to prevent this, such as installing solar panels per AI, but doing so will be expensive and take time to work. Another argument is that being lazy might be detrimental to trying to keep up excellent health. Additionally, it can harm your eyes by shining UV light into them or your ears by continuously sending wave impulses to your ears. My final claim is that factory workers would be replaced by AI, losing their employment as a result. Over time, jobs would become harder to find and many people would be unhappy. People would initially think it was a good idea, but as effects started to appear, they would begin to reconsider their decisions.