my debate about AI and the arts

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

My debate is about AI and the arts and why it should be stopped. Well the reason it should be stopped or at least changed is because in the next ten years or even less AI will become better than humans at the arts. Just so you know I say the arts that I don't mean drawing or painting there are a lot more types of art such as music , writing etc… When the day comes that ai is better than humans they will really be unmotivated.

Personally i don't like the idea Ai in the arts as it isn't the same as humans as ai don't have ideas of a personality it just comes up with things within seconds which is not like a human as it is physically impossible for a singer to make a song in 1 minute or da vinci to paint the mona lisa in 2 minutes it just can't happen. But lots of people like how AI can make completely new music or art that has never been seen by a human eye in history within literal seconds. Another reason why I don't like AI making things like art or music is because it does not produce art, it produces images or mp4 files instead of real music

Most of the facts i've said are mostly my opinion but also some real facts from google. Overall i don't like AI making things in the arts as : one it isn't the same as humans making things like music or art, reason two of why i don't like it is it will severely unmotivated artists in making their parts in the arts as they will think ai is better them and they cant do better than ai as it will keep getting better. “If you've fallen in love with an AI-generated piece, you're not alone. It's easy to be swept away by this spectacular advancement in both art and technology.” That quote was from an article on google on ai making the arts, i do agree with it ai art is nice but its not the same as real art. Another reason why people like ai art is because it is versatile.