My opinion on AI and arts and info about AI

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Ai is important to me and should to other people too.Ai is just a very smart robot and can be taught / learn anything in the matter of 3 seconds.Since it can learn anything, it can provide you with tons of information of any subject.For example, what you can do with AI is talk to each other (you can do this with the snapchat AI in the app), it can teach you how to bake a cake and make a painting for you.What i'm trying to say is it can basically do anything for you.Because of AI becoming so smart, it could become smarter than humans so people who program the Ai’s have to be careful of what they do.It’s a common theory that people say that Ai would probably take over the world but since of them becoming so smart so quickly it could be possible.You could give an AI a command to “make a painting tha’ts like Vincent Van Gogh” and would perfectly make a painting like him.

This generation revolves around technology know so most people who work would probably use a computer,phone,tablet.All of the devices i listed use a type of AI ( Iphone-siri).AI are created and they are given certain commands to follow but since you build in a common for them to follow, so can other people.Personally, i’ve had good experiences with AI but also some bad ones.When other people hack an AI, they can program the Ai to do a certain command which can harm your computer ( virus) or could give you false information. You can’t trust every AI so you have to be careful what you tell/ make it do.

I think that Ai is a good thing that's currently being used in technology and its a really powerful robot. People have made cars that Have self-driving modes built in which are ran by AI’s.Speech recognition, like AI chatbots and virtual agents, is a big part of natural language processing.AI can also generate millions of images simultaneously with a 99% chance that all the images are distinct.Universities have started to use a program which can detect if a piece of writing has been copied of a website.The Ai they use can search the whole entire internet for a website that's used that exact phrase.All of this information cna just show you how powerful Ai has gotten since 1951 ( when Ai was invented).