Negative impact on AI to human

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Humans use available information as well as reasoning in order to solve problem, so why can't machines do the same thing? That's the question that goes through my mind. People are finally cracking down on AI and making it more useful than ever before. With something like this, there will be an advantage and a disadvantage. I am going to discuss what makes AI so beneficial and harmful to our society.

AI can be beneficial for many things such as improving efficiency and making work easier and faster for us. Doctors are now able to detect diseases, making it reliable and efficient. It enhances existing pieces of art. It has a way to control tedious task.

However, my main focus is on the disadvantage. AI lacks privacy to people who continue to use it in their daily life which is not good. Researchers say that the misuse of AI poses threats to digital, physical and political security by allowing large-scale attacks. If you really think about it, that can be extremely harmful for not only the people involved but the people surrounding it. Take the self-driving cars for example if they were to lose control and crash you would not only be risking the life of others in the car , but also people around the car those who did not relate with this technology.

There are videos constructed to make someone look like they're saying something they actually never said at all and stir up major issues.

With a system like AI that's not controlled by a direct person but a number of algorithms it can be extremely easy to manipulate.

There is lack of humanity when you take a look at AI art. When people spend time interacting with other users, we are communicating with artificial intelligence. We no longer have that personal connection with other people.I believe or in my opinion, I believe AI assisting artists will be less of a great thing. I suggest some solutions which are

(1) that AI creator should put some limit time users spend on the app

(2) there should be tight security against invasion

(3) AI artists should monitor the activities which their users engage in

(4) and also I will investigate potential solutions through reasoning technique.