Post reality

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

Post reality world...! We often hear about technology and its unlimited developments, whose levels are increasing day by day, and here we are reaching the level of the emergence of a virtual world. A new world. Artificial intelligence (AI) is an advanced field of computer science that aims to develop technological systems capable of learning, thinking and making decisions similar to human intelligence. . Advanced technologies in this field have revolutionized many areas. AI applications range from different sectors such as medicine, commerce, industry, self-driving cars, robotics, machine translation, and many more. AI can help humans complete tasks more efficiently, increase productivity, and improve everyday life.An exciting development in the field of artificial intelligence is machine learning technology, where the system learns from data and experiences and evolves over time. A machine learning system can quickly analyze massive amounts of data, revealing patterns and trends that would be difficult to detect manually. However, many challenges and issues related to artificial intelligence are also being raised. Among these challenges: security, privacy, ethics, the impact of unemployment, the promotion of racial discrimination, and the control of intelligent systems.These challenges require extensive cooperation between governments, institutions and society to determine the appropriate rules and guidelines for the responsible use of it. However, I see that they exaggerate its use. In the end, it is something that does not exist. We have become so high in technology that there are broadcasters and people working with artificial intelligence, as it appeared in Jordan. !! I want to know whether artificial intelligence will dominate us and will we spend our time in those worlds more than our real world? Will you need new rules for these worlds?