The downside of AI and art

This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

With the new millennium, we see that the world is moving towards computers and their technologies and employing them in all fields. At the forefront, artificial intelligence manifests itself, where the methodology of artificial intelligence for art and its basic work is that the artist presents multiple models of artworks for the image analyst to practice on. Then, the mechanism creates an algorithm to organize the work and draw the shapes while the role of the artist remains present in making some modifications to the algorithm until it achieves its goal.

The question of the nature of art comes to mind; is it the human who uses their hands and limbs to draw their ideas, or the human who uses and controls a device to produce the painting? From here, we can give a critical perspective on artificial intelligence and art.

The algorithmic machine does not succeed in art unless the artist follows it and assesses its success, then makes adjustments to produce a suitable output for display.

Sometimes, programs cannot simulate human facial expressions in two essential aspects of artistic work: firstly, expressing internal feelings such as sorrow, joy, anger, or deep desire. Secondly, authenticity and meeting creative expression standards.

While others share their opinion that AI paintings are nothing but an imitation of art and creativity.

Anyone can become an artist or, more accurately, a creative producer. Every person can use a computer and produce artwork, but a person cannot become a painter or a manual artist because it requires a special creative ability and talent.

We can say that the value of handmade artwork is much greater than machine-made artwork, and the proof of this is the incredible and unforgettable paintings that still exist to this day despite the emergence of AI and its arts.

Ultimately, not every artist wants to enter the realm of technical art because an artist's creative personality wants to embody their creativity in a way that suits them