This post was written by a student. It has not been fact checked or edited.

AI (artificial intelligence) are digital technology which are used to help us in our daily life such as E-payments, goggle assistance, and so many others, but because of the development of human's knowledge and reasoning some AI has been made physically such as robots, computers, and many others which also helps in our daily activities. AI are also important because they help people in the business world to make conferences, meetings and programs while at home. An artist is a person who uses creativity and imagination to express themselves or communicate an idea and to create or perform works of arts such as painting, sculptures, music, dance. But can an AI be an artist? well some people think AI enhances human creativity by providing new tools techniques and inspiration AI'S also collaborate with humans artist to give feedback and suggestions, for example Karen X Cheng who collaborated with Open AI to create the first AI'S-generated magazine cover. Others think AI can threaten human creativity by copying and imitating existing styles and artists. AI can also produce art that lacks meaning, emotion, and context. For example RJ Plamer said AI is actively an anti-artist who wants to take the job of an artist.

So In conclusion I would like to present to all artist to request to remove some of their data from the store to which AI can easily get access to or they can make copyright of their information (the arts). THANKS