The final say

Artificial intelligence has been used for many years in several fields, including art such as plastic art, music, and even poetry writing, as its algorithms contributed to building models and training them on huge sets of data for artworks, and then allowed him to create his own works, and he had to A measure of confidence to produce wonderful and high-quality works of art, which sparked controversy about his creative nature and his role as an artist. Whether we think that this art generated by artificial intelligence is really art or not, it is with us and will remain so in the future.

How does artificial intelligence produce work at art??

Art generated by artificial intelligence uses machine learning algorithms and deep learning networks to generate artwork. These algorithms use a huge data set of artwork in the training and testing processes, to identify the distinctive patterns of each artwork.

The process of choosing algorithms and methodologies depends on the artist’s goal and desire, and among the most popular applications used to generate art by artificial intelligence: Deep Dream, Steel Gun, and Cycle Gun.

What is the purpose of generating with artificial intelligence??

The purposes of art generated by artificial intelligence are many, and they differ according to the race of their creation, for example, art generated by artificial intelligence is used to explore the potential creative capabilities of machine learning and deep learning networks, as artists and researchers can contribute to learning more about the nature of these systems and then develop new ideas.

Art generated by artificial intelligence is also a way to create new forms of artistic expression that traditional technologies are unable to, as artificial intelligence systems can create images of high complexity and full of detail, and unexpected combinations can create new types of visual art.

Finally, art generated by artificial intelligence can be seen as a new way of artistic expression, as it provides us with a unique and attractive way to interact with the world around us, by creating active installations, time-changeable pieces of art, or important experiences that fill the gap between art and technology.

Is artartwork generating by artificial intelligence considered art??

This topic is controversial and is still under discussion, and the answer depends on how a person looks at how a person views art and defines it. Simply put, the word art changes itself.

For example, in contemporary art and architecture there is a style called in Dutch De Stijl or Style style. This style distinguishes its production of abstract paintings using simple visual elements such as dark primary colors, geometric shapes, and intersecting flat surfaces. If the aesthetics of this style centered on abstract and simple things, is it considered art? And what about printing miniature planes and toy soldiers? Is this also me?

When talking about artificial intelligence art, many see that real art is human in nature, and that it must include human expression, intent, and creativity. According to this view, art generated by artificial intelligence lacks the human element that gives art meaning and value. On the other hand, the debate on this topic is represented in the new form of artistic expression, which people may consider art with meaning and high aesthetic value and a stimulus for human thinking, in addition to that it reflects the capabilities and endeavors of modern technology.

Apart from being considered art, it may not be significant in its impact on the art community , which raises a fundamental question about creativity , how humans and machines interact , and how technology shape our societies and cultures . Art usually reflects the image of the society in which it originated , but art generated by artificial intelligence is still nascent and in the future is impact will be greater in the world.